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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

  • How long does a Moxy treatment session typically last?
    A Moxy treatment session is quick and efficient, allowing you to achieve skin revitalization in a short amount of time. The duration may vary, but our skilled specialists ensure a timely and effective procedure.
  • What is the recovery time after a Moxy treatment?
    Moxy is a non-invasive treatment with minimal to no discomfort, and there is typically no downtime associated with the procedure. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the session.
  • When will I see results from Moxy treatment, and how long do they last?
    Results from Moxy are often noticeable shortly after the treatment, with ongoing improvements in skin tone and texture. The longevity of results can vary, and our specialists will discuss a personalized plan during your consultation.
  • Is Moxy suitable for addressing specific skin concerns, such as fine lines?
    Yes, Moxy is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and offers multiple benefits, including improved skin tone and a more radiant complexion. It's a versatile treatment suitable for various skin types and concerns.

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