Laser removal of these areas is the most common type of procedure used. The process is similar to laser hair removal, only the laser is used to remove the layers of skin that have pigmentation. The pigmented lesion absorbs the laser light, which heats and destroys the melanin that is the cause of the dark spot. You can expect that the laser treatment will make the spot darker temporarily, but it will flake off or shed in the following weeks.

In some cases, more than one treatment will be needed to get satisfactory results, especially if the area is large and the pigmented area is deep. If your hyperpigmentation is caused by the sun, exposing your skin to the sun without protection will cause them to come back. It is important to protect your skin from further damage after the treatment.


If you have pigmented patches on your skin, like birthmarks, you might think that you must live with them, but you do not have to just accept them any longer. Our Arlington Heights spa can help remove them so that you can enjoy smooth, even skin. The procedure can also help with age spots, sunspots, and any other type of hyperpigmented or dark area. These dark patches are caused by a concentration of melanin in a localized area. This can be caused by sun damage, hormone changes, or aging.

During the procedure, you will typically feel only a slight sensation of heating or tingling in the area of the lesion. The area might turn red, and this redness can last up to 48 hours. This usually goes away on its own. The lesion might look dry after the treatment. It is important not to scratch it and not to try to remove it, but you should let it flake off on its own naturally.

If you have areas of your skin that make you feel subconscious, laser removal can help you rid yourself of them permanently. It is a quick, painless way to achieve the flawless skin that you always wanted. The best news is that you do not have to live with dark patches on your skin, so call our professionals so that you can start the process of ridding yourself of dark spots and blemishes for good.


Laser treatments can take 15 minutes for a small lesion or up to 40 minutes for a large lesion or multiple areas. If you need multiple treatments to get the results that you want, you can get repeated treatments spaced four weeks apart. Noncancerous raised brown patches caused by aging can typically be removed with one treatment. It might be noted that some pigmented areas are too deep to be removed completely, but the procedure will at least lighten them so that they are less noticeable.