Micro-needling can help with a range of conditions including hair loss, dark spots or patches, and acne. It can also help if you have sagging skin, large pores, scars, or stretch marks. Perhaps you spent a few too many hours in the sun and you have sun damage. Micro-needling can help reduce sun damage and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.


You might have heard of micro-needling recently and wondered what it was about. Micro-needling involves pricking the skin with extremely tiny needles that are sterilized. They make tiny wounds that stimulate your body's production of collagen and elastin. These two factors help your skin look more youthful and younger. Sometimes, micro-needling is referred to as collagen induction therapy.

The treatment itself is not the end result. The procedure is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin in an attempt to heal the tiny injuries from the needle. A decrease in collagen and elastin are the cause of wrinkles as you age. This procedure works by stimulating your body to produce more. The amount of time that it takes to see results depends on how quickly your body produces collagen and elastin in response to the treatment.

The first thing that will happen when we begin the procedure is that a numbing cream will be smoothed onto your face so that you do not feel the little needle pricks. The technician will move a pen-shaped tool or rolling tool around your face. In some cases, you may experience a minute amount of bleeding, but nothing to be concerned about. Next, a cream to soothe the skin and help it heal will be applied.

The most common area of the body to have micro-needling procedures performed is on the face, but you can also have it done to your thighs, stomach, or any other part of your body. Once the body has begun to produce collagen to repair the tiny cuts, many people are amazed by the results. If you are concerned that your skin is beginning to show a few too many wrinkles and signs of aging, call us and see if micro-needling might be the solution that you are looking for to get back your youthful glow.

One word of caution is that there are do-it-yourself home versions of micro-needling devices available, but these are usually a bad idea, and it is better to have a professional do the procedure. If you do not have the proper equipment to sterilize the needles, or you are not experienced, you could cause permanent damage to your skin. An experienced professional is always the best person to perform a micro-needling procedure.


You might be wondering what to expect during the procedure. The average length of time for a small section is between 10 to 20 minutes. It can take up to an hour for a larger session. Extremely large sections might need to be done over several sessions. You also need to be aware that some people require four to six treatments before they begin to see results.