Chemical peels can either involve a light peel that only removes a few layers of skin, or you can have a deeper peel for more dramatic results. The deeper the peel, the longer it will take for the skin to recover from the procedure. Chemical peels work by resurfacing the skin by removing the top layers. Here are some of the types of peels available.


A chemical peel leaves your skin silky smooth and looking more youthful. It can help remove small wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars. It is usually done on the face, but it can be used on other parts of the body, too. Many times, our clients at AMC Laser Lounge in Arlington Heights will get a chemical peel along with other treatments at the same time.


For a light peel, most people feel nothing but a slight tingling sensation when the chemical solution is being applied. Many will only experience mild irritation for a short time after the treatment. Creams will be applied to relieve any irritation or discomfort, which usually goes away in a few hours. You can expect your skin to be sensitive to the sun, but this typically goes away in a few days. You will need to wear sunscreen until your skin has time to completely heal. The healing time and amount of irritation will be longer for deeper peels.

Chemical peels can be a solution for those that have unsightly scarring or other issues that affect the way they feel about themselves. Having perfectly smooth skin will help you feel and look your best. Our staff is highly-trained and dedicated to helping you get the results that you crave, so call us and see if a chemical peel might be the solution that you need.


A light chemical peel only removes the top surface of the skin. It is perfect for acne, fine wrinkles, dry skin, and for those who have an uneven skin tone. You can have a light peel more frequently than deeper ones.


A medium chemical peel goes a little bit deeper and removes cells from the top of the middle layer of skin. It is usually used to treat acne scars, uneven skin tone, and deeper wrinkles. Sometimes, more than one treatment is needed to achieve the results that you wish.


A deep chemical peel goes even deeper than a medium peel. This can sometimes be used for deep wrinkles, deep scars, and some types of growth on the skin. You will usually only need one treatment. The recovery time from a deep chemical peel is longer than for a lighter peel.